Take full control over your
cryptocurrency investments.

Coins is an encrypted cryptocurrency portfolio management tool created on top of Blockstack. Built from the ground up to measure your performance at varying scales, from fine-grain to high-level insights.


As one of the first apps built on Blockstack ever, we're helping to pioneer the new decentralized web.



Powerful Metrics

Intuitively track Live and Historical performance data cross-portfolio, by portfolio, by holding, or by token type.

Decentralized & Encrypted

We’re built on Blockstack and use Gaia for storage, so your data is encrypted and always yours.

Supported Currencies

We support a large range of both fiat- and crypto-currencies for viewing your dashboard or tracking individual portfolios and holdings.

Upcoming Features

Custom Reports

Add labels, exchange data, wallet IDs, and more to generate reports catered to your needs.

Trade Between Coins

Often times, investors trade one type of token with another. We want to help you track the performance and opportunity cost.

Token-Related News

Gain a better understanding of how current events influence your investments.